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HY-D72 PET preform intelligent molding system

PET preform injection machine

HY-D72 PET preform intelligent molding system

HY-D series are high-speed automatic PET preform injection molding system developed in 2008 for large capacity.

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    HY-D72 PET
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    up to 25000 preforms/hr
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HY-D series are high-speed automatic PET preform injection molding system developed in 2008 for large capacity. The production capacity, energy consumption, stability and product quality of HY-D series machines are quite similar with the industry level. HY-D series are appreciated by all customers around the world for its high High cost-effectiveness.

There are over 500 HY-D injection molding systems running all over the world now, creating value for our customers. Many of the systems have been stably running for 6 years or so, and the performance are still in good condition.




(1)Quality & Efficient

l  Differential circuit accelerates hydraulic cylinder movements;

l  New PET-specialized screw greatly improves the plasticizing capacity and controls AA value and IV drop below the industrial standard at the same time;   

l  2-stage injection molding system has separated plasticizing and injection by screw and plunger so that cycle time can be greatly reduced; 

l  High-speed robot, equipped with 3-position take-out plate, which can offer post-mold cooling to achieve shorter cycle time; 

l  Our injection unit adopts single-cylinder and high-pressure technology. 2 high volume accumulators have been used in hydraulic system to support high injection pressure.


(2)Energy saving

l  Vickers pump imported from America with 2 high-volume accumulators is the guarantee of hydraulic power accumulation. Multi-circuit hydraulic controlling technology is configured to maximally reduce the hydraulic flow loss. ACC, an integral part to realize the peak flow replenishment, by using a relatively small motor and pump to yield high hydraulic power;

l  Siemens vacuum pump, coupled with advanced discharging buffer design to protect Pneumatic channel ensures fast preform taking with low energy consumption.


(3)Stable performance

l  High-intensity clamping mechanism;

l  High precision oil temperature control system;   

l  Advanced 2-stage injection structure;   

l  Closed-loop hydraulic system with servo valves.


(4)Durable Performance

l  All seals and hydraulic parts are from European and American well-known brands;   

l  Pin shaft of toggles with lubricating bearings, is lubricated via centralized lubricant system;

l  Plunger of injection chamber with shallow slot on the surface is made of alloy steel that can reduce machine wear;

l  Hydraulic buffering clamping with low pressure mold protection function and adjustable mechanical limit can greatly protect mold;

l  Robot adopts the SEW servo system from Germany, which has been designed to move two wide parallel rails, so that its precision and stability has been greatly improved.




(1)Robot Unit

l  Integrate reduction gear box and SEW servo motor (Germany) make fast and precision performance;

l  Side-entry 3-position take-out plate offers post-mold cooling to achieve shorter cycle time;

l  Siemens vacuum pump is features with high suction force and low power consumption;

l  The vacuum pressure can be adjusted to save more energy through program when unloading.


(2)Clamping Unit

l  Toggle system is optimized to achieve greater clamping force with less consumption.

l  Unique mold plate structure makes the clamping force distributing evenly on the mold.

l  Deformation on the frame has been controlled within 0.02mm/m vertically and 0.01mm/m horizontally, enlarge the life span of the mold.

l  It can realize low pressure clamping and have function of low pressure mold protection, it will open automatically if there is any foreign object during low pressure clamping.

l  Precision mold- open makes preforms smooth transfer to the take-out plate. Adjustable ejection mechanical limit protects the mold.


(3) Open System

l  SIEMENS S7-319 CPU and PROFIBUS transmission model in the control system, which enables remote monitor and diagnosis function;

l  BOSCH-REXROCH servo valves have been adopted to achieve high precision and fast reaction during production process;

l  SIEMENS HMI realizes stable performance;

l  Friendly operation interface with English & Chinese display language, concise and practical buttons and menu, easy to operate.


(4) Hydraulic Unit

l  Two large capacity accumulators supply stored high-pressures hydraulic oil to large flow rate movements (such as injection and clamping), improves the speed greatly;

l  The improved injection cylinder servo valve mounted directly on the cylinder back plate,realizes high-speed and high-pressure injection with pressure up to 160 bar.

l  Advanced injection back pressure design, equipped with pressure sensors and real time monitoring enables more even plastic density;

l  Multiple hydraulic circuit control system and the movements such as plasticization, injection, opening, clamping and ejection are controlled by servo valves.


(5) Injection Unit

l  2-stage injection unit structure enables plasticizing and injection proceed simultaneously;

l  The plunger is controlled by separated hydraulic cylinder to achieve high precision in each shot;

l  There is no back preventer on screw head;

l  Advanced multi-thread screw (L/D radio 25:1, compression ratio 1:6) achieves strong plasticizing capacity and high production good preform quality; Lager diameter melting channel supports high-speed injection;

l  Injection speed is up to 100mm/s;

l  Equipped two large capacity accumulators, injection pressure reaches up to 175 bar, ensure enough power for high speed injection;

l  The best and excellent performance hydraulic motors STAFFA from UK, ensure high torque, low shear heat during plasticizing so that AA value can be controlled in less level.




Machine Model HY-D72APET HY-D72BPET
Injection Unit Screw L/D Ratio L/D 25 25
Screw diameter mm 120 140
Injection Pressure kgf/cm2 907 995
Machine Size (L*W*H) mm 10800*4380*2600 11620*4380*2600
Shot Volume (Max) cm3 3800 5425
Shot Weight g 4559 6510
ozs 161 230
Clamping Unit Clamping Force Ton 400 400
Clamping Stroke mm 500 500
Mold Thickness mm 480~820 480~820
Tie-bar Spacing (W*H) mm 780*780 780*780
Ejector Stroke mm 200 200
Ejector Force Ton 15 15
No.of Ejector Pins Piece 11 11
System Pressure (max.)   kg/cm2 140 140
Preform Mold Cavitation cavitation 72 72
Preform Length (Max) mm 200 200
Hot runner Valve-gated hot runner mold
Electrical System Pump Motor Power KW 55+90 75+110
Robot Power KW 25 25
Mold heating KW 48.78 48.78
Machine Heating KW 87.43 87.43
Total Power KW 306.21 306.21
Robot 3-position Piece 216 216
General Requirements AC Power V 380 380
(3 phase 4 line)
Chilling Water 5~15 5~15
Mpa 0.8 0.8
L/min 900 900
Cooling Water <25 <25
Mpa 0.3 0.3
L/min 300 400




  • Personal Care & Household Chemicals 



  • Milk Products



  • Beverage & Water



  •  Big Bottle Preforms



  • Edible Oil & Soya Sauce





Huayan adheres to the spirit of professional service, and provides customers with high-quality value-added services, and strives to build a solid partnership. Committed value-added services include the following:


l  Every year, Huayan will organize personnel to come to the factory for free training according to the needs of customers. The training will be implemented in stages according to customer needs to ensure that sufficient technical personnel are trained for customers.

l  7x24 hours of expert service, remote diagnosis. Uninterrupted free service telephone support throughout the year. The equipment has a remote connection function, which can realize instant information exchange and remote fault diagnosis. One or two free door-to-door comprehensive services will be provided every year;

l Huayan insists on responding quickly to customer needs and reducing equipment downtime caused by unforeseen failures. If the equipment is down, the spare parts center will respond within 2 hours. If spare parts are in stock, they will arrange delivery within 24 hours. If there is no stock, we will confirm the latest delivery time, and try our best to expedite the production or deployment to meet customer needs.

l  During the free inspection period every year, a special inspection report will be provided. Predictive maintenance is a planned evaluation of equipment performance, maintenance or correction to make equipment achieve operational efficiency, reduce high maintenance costs and downtime caused by failures, and reduce production losses.


l  Huayan provides customers with excellent refurbishment services. The company has set up a professional mold refurbishment center. We can clean, refurbish and repair molds at different levels according to the use of the mold (combined with the number of running molds and the quality of the preform). In turn, the production downtime of the customer's factory is greatly shortened, and the service life of the mold can be greatly extended to ensure the quality of the product.


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