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Large infusion intelligent light inspection machine EB400

Automatic Foreign Body Inspection Machine

Large infusion intelligent light inspection machine EB400

The equipment is mainly used to detect visible foreign matter in large infusion glass bottles and plastic bottle containers (detection accuracy ≧50um) and bottle appearance defects. It has strong versatility and is suitable for various specifications from 50-1000ml.

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Large infusion intelligent light inspection machine is mainly suitable for automatic detection of visible foreign matter in large infusion liquids in the pharmaceutical industry, eliminating the instability of manual detection.


This equipment can be applied to large infusion products in glass bottles and plastic bottles. Its working principle is to use an imaging contrast processing system to identify qualified products and defective products, and automatically remove the defective products through relevant mechanisms.

This equipment uses a bottle-pressing body to press the bottle mouth, and the driving mechanism drives the bottle body to rotate at high speed and drives the foreign matter in the bottle to rotate together with the liquid. When the bottle stops rotating quickly, because the liquid is still rotating under inertia, the movement trajectory of the visible foreign objects in it is captured by the industrial camera, and then processed through the image processing system to achieve the detection effect.


Performance features:


It can automatically complete the equidistant separation of bottles;


Replacement of specification parts can be applied to different bottle types, and replacement of specifications is convenient;


It can automatically rotate the bottle to be inspected at high speed, which facilitates the movement of impurities in the liquid and facilitates detection;


Using the visual imaging principle for detection, the judgment of visible foreign objects is more accurate;


Able to automatically eliminate defective products;


Able to realize classification statistics of defective products;


PLC human-machine interface operation, touch LCD control panel. The control box can be rotated and moved to facilitate multi-directional operation;


It can detect cracks, stones and bottle cap defects.





The workshop covers the area more than 300,000

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Service support- Learning and Training



u  The whole machine provides a 13-month free warranty service (damage caused by human factors, oil products and consumables are not covered by the free warranty), and the mold provides a 13-month or 3 million times free warranty service;


u  Technical training project, providing unlimited personnel, number of times and time to receive PET injection molding system knowledge training (including theoretical and practical courses) in Huayan. During the training period, food and hotel expenses can be borne by Huayan;


u  When the equipment enters the installation and commissioning stage in the customer's factory, Huayan provides sufficient professional engineering service personnel to help the user successfully put into production in the shortest time;


u  After the equipment is put into production, Huayan provides professional service engineers to conduct comprehensive training for C'estbon's technical personnel, helping customer technical personnel to grasp the operation process and familiarize themselves with the maintenance of equipment;


u  After the equipment is put into production, it will provide one or two free door-to-door comprehensive services every year, and conduct regular routine inspections to ensure the long-term stable and smooth operation of the equipment;



Service center: United States, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia and other countries. We have technical support in every service center.

Huayan has engineers stationed all over the country all year round, and the average service life of all after-sales service engineers is more than 5 years. They can professionally and quickly respond to customer service needs, and ensure that they can quickly arrive at the scene to provide technical support and services for customers

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