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Epioneer-500PET Series High-End Electric Injection molding machine system

PET preform injection machine

Epioneer-500PET Series High-End Electric Injection molding machine system

The Eone series electric servo type PET preform injection molding system is a high-quality energy-saving model suitable for small batches production.
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    up to 25000 preforms/hr
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Epioneer-500 high-performance 144-cavity preform injection system is equipped with advanced central direct-pressure mold clamping mechanism, all-electric servo melting system, dual-motor-driven four-station manipulator, independent preform removal and air cooling station and other equipment configurations. It can maximize injection molding output and reduce energy costs. The intelligent man-machine operation interface and control system have greatly enhanced the process control function, and carried out a comprehensive and comprehensive optimization of the injection molding process. With many new functions, whether it is production cycle, energy efficiency, reliability, repeatability and preform quality, it can be compared with well-known brand equipment. Epioneer-500 preform injection system can reduce preform production cost for customers in an all-round way.




(1) Efficient production capacity


Multi-cavity, can install 144-cavity mold, and compatible with imported 128-cavity mold;


The four-station cooling of the manipulator is equipped with an independent preform unloading blowing cooling station, which improves the preform cooling efficiency by 35%;


The production cycle reaches the world-class level;


Highly reliable central direct pressure clamping unit enhances mold protection;


It is equipped with a high-speed and high-cavity preform mold with optimized structure.


(2) Low operating cost


Full servo electric plasticizing system;


Application of energy-saving supporting auxiliary equipment;


The 500-ton model can be equipped with a 144-cavity mold;


Production energy consumption is as low as ≤ 0.35KWH per kilogram of raw materials with main machine plus drying system and frozen water.


(3) Easy to operate and diagnose


Adopt Beckhoff control system and ETHERCAT communication mode;


The interface developed based on Windows system is easy to operate;


Flexible graphic display function, process adjustment and status display are more intuitive.






l  Rapid and accurate extraction of preform.

l  Optimized design to prolong mold service life.

l  Multi-threaded screw design improves plasticization quality and efficiency

l  Remarkable energy-saving effect of melting, about 40% more energy-saving than traditional hydraulic type.



high-performance preform injection system

Huayan Epioneer-500 is in production at Jiangxi Runtian Factory




  • Personal Care & Household Chemicals 



  • Milk Products



  • Beverage & Water



  •  Big Bottle Preforms



  • Edible Oil & Soya Sauce





Huayan adheres to the spirit of professional service, and provides customers with high-quality value-added services, and strives to build a solid partnership. Committed value-added services include the following:


l  Every year, Huayan will organize personnel to come to the factory for free training according to the needs of customers. The training will be implemented in stages according to customer needs to ensure that sufficient technical personnel are trained for customers.

l  7x24 hours of expert service, remote diagnosis. Uninterrupted free service telephone support throughout the year. The equipment has a remote connection function, which can realize instant information exchange and remote fault diagnosis. One or two free door-to-door comprehensive services will be provided every year;

l Huayan insists on responding quickly to customer needs and reducing equipment downtime caused by unforeseen failures. If the equipment is down, the spare parts center will respond within 2 hours. If spare parts are in stock, they will arrange delivery within 24 hours. If there is no stock, we will confirm the latest delivery time, and try our best to expedite the production or deployment to meet customer needs.

l  During the free inspection period every year, a special inspection report will be provided. Predictive maintenance is a planned evaluation of equipment performance, maintenance or correction to make equipment achieve operational efficiency, reduce high maintenance costs and downtime caused by failures, and reduce production losses.


l  Huayan provides customers with excellent refurbishment services. The company has set up a professional mold refurbishment center. We can clean, refurbish and repair molds at different levels according to the use of the mold (combined with the number of running molds and the quality of the preform). In turn, the production downtime of the customer's factory is greatly shortened, and the service life of the mold can be greatly extended to ensure the quality of the product.


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