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  • Service center: United States, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia and other countries.We have technical support in every service center .

    Huayan has engineers stationed all over the country all year round, and the average service life of all after-sales service engineers is more than 5 years. They can professionally and quickly respond to customer service needs, and ensure that they can quickly arrive at the scene to provide technical support and services for customers



Service support- Learning and Training


u  The whole machine provides a 13-month free warranty service (damage caused by human factors, oil products and consumables are not covered by the free warranty), and the mold provides a 13-month or 3 million times free warranty service;


u  Technical training project, providing unlimited personnel, number of times and time to receive PET injection molding system knowledge training (including theoretical and practical courses) in Huayan. During the training period, food and hotel expenses can be borne by Huayan;


u  When the equipment enters the installation and commissioning stage in the customer's factory, Huayan provides sufficient professional engineering service personnel to help the user successfully put into production in the shortest time;


u  After the equipment is put into production, Huayan provides professional service engineers to conduct comprehensive training for C'estbon's technical personnel, helping customer technical personnel to grasp the operation process and familiarize themselves with the maintenance of equipment;


u  After the equipment is put into production, it will provide one or two free door-to-door comprehensive services every year, and conduct regular routine inspections to ensure the long-term stable and smooth operation of the equipment;


Value added service


u  Factory planning and intelligent layout schemes can be provided free of charge to optimize production capacity and realize an environmentally friendly and energy-saving production mode;


u  No less than one customer exchange event per year, providing technical exchanges, personnel training and cooperation discussions;


u  Perfect and powerful mold refurbishment and transformation capabilities can quickly cooperate with users in mold maintenance and reduce mold use costs;


u  Professional service team, more than 40 senior service engineers have been distributed all over the country for a long time, and can respond to service needs at any time; if the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, Huayan will send maintenance personnel 24 hours a day in the province after receiving the notice Arrival, 48 hours outside the province can arrive at the scene and start maintenance.


u  7x24 hours of expert service, remote diagnosis; predictive maintenance, one or two free door-to-door comprehensive services will be provided every year;


u  Professional and complete spare parts warehouse, once the equipment is shut down, the spare parts center can respond within 2 hours, and if the spare parts are in stock, they will arrange delivery within 24 hours;


u  Each factory provides no less than 4 times of free preform quality inspection services (including inspection items such as size and AA and IV sampling) to help customers evaluate the quality status of products;


u  annual free regular visit


u  remote diagnosis


u  mold refurbishment and maintenance


u  spare parts support


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